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Bubble Football Barcelona is Here! Full Contact Without Pain!

Bubble Football Barcelona

Bubble football, Bubble Bump football, Bubble soccer or Zorb football, are all names for this great game or sport of playing football whilst covered in an inflated bubble or inflated torus, similar to a Zorb, which is used in Zorbing.  It covers the player’s upper-body and head, so they are well protected and is hollow inside, allowing air to flow through. Players are harnessed in and have 2 grab handles to hold on to whilst playing. The sport has become incredibly popular, with many people all over the world trying it and is even being played in football leagues.

It was first created in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden and made its first appearance on their TV show, Golden Goal. Bubble Football reached the UK when British entrepreneur Lee Moseley tried to get it started. He was rejected by potential investors who thought it had no future, so he personally financed the idea himself and the rest, as they say, is history.

Usually, the game is played outdoors on grass and AstroTurf (artificial grass) or indoors on a wooden or firm surface. Bubble football can be played by anyone over the age of about 10 years old and with minimum height restrictions. It is often played during a Stag do, Birthday parties, amongst friends, or can also be used for corporate team building days.

There are also many extra games that can be played with bubble footballs and these are usually incorporated into the main event for extra fun. Some of these are:

  • Bubble bowling
  • Bubble sumo
  • British Bulldog

Take a look below for a more graphic explanation of what Bubble Soccer is in video form!

So,What is Bubble Football All About?

Well….You have probably heard of Zorbing?

bubble football barcelona

 You’ve obviously heard of football

bubble soccer barcelona

 Well some genius put the two together and created BUBBLE FOOTBALL.

bubble football event barcelona

It looks absolutely incredible.

Even Hampshire county cricket team decided to give it a try, as a form of training.

zorb football barcelona

It first appeared in Norway, on a game show in 2011 and somebody saw the potential.

It has finally arrived in the Uk and Europe, with companies offering it for Team Building, Birthday Parties, and Stag dos.

So while your vision is pretty limited inside a bubble football,

zorb soccer barcelona

It is full contact without pain!

bubble football team building barcelona

and it brings the “animal” out in people!

bubble football activities barcelona

Fast and furious, but painless!

bubble football teams barcelona

Bubble Football in Barcelona

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