Bubble Soccer Barcelona

bubble soccer barcelona

Bubble Soccer Barcelona.

This action-packed game consists of up to 14 players encased in zorb-like inflatable bubbles who are encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the soccer ball. Two people are seen going bubble-to-bubble while attempting to gain control of the ball in new game called Bubble Football. This new brand of the beautiful game brings a whole new meaning to ball control because players compete inside giant BUBBLES.

Bubble Football is the creation of Lee Moseley, 30, who used to work as an asbestos surveyor but packed in his day job to set up his dream company. The game involves up to 14 players encased in a zorb-like inflatable bubbles and then encourages them to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball.

The first time you play, you might be slightly apprehensive. The thought of someone knocking into you and pushing you over you can’t help but think it’s going to hurt, but it actually doesn’t hurt at all, it’s like you are actually in a bubble and if you land just right you can bounce right back up on to your feet.

The game’s designer says despite players seen easily flipped and knocked on their backs like turtles the inflatable suits are extremely safe. The only reason you might not be able to make it back on your feet is because you are having too much fun. Sometimes it’s hard to get back up because you’re laughing so much at other people.

It definitely changes tackling in the game because you can’t make contact with peoples feet as you get to the bubble first, so you’re having to knock people of the ball instead.

Bubble Football is supposed to be a laugh so football rules tend to be a lot more relaxed so people can get the most out of the activity.

There may be more than one referee and apart from refereeing the game, he will also be involved in fetching the ball, when it is out of play and helping players to get back up on their feet again.

Two teams of players each suit up in the plastic spheres before chasing and kicking the ball to the best of their ability. It is fun for all ages and even if  you aren’t up for playing, it is still great to watch.

Bubble Football in Barcelona

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